The Bone Chamber

Reading has always been a great love of mine. Since an early age, I have been an avid reader, and have continued as such. My range of taste is vast and never ending. So long as the plot catches me I'll likely read it.

This would have been four stars but....

The Vampire Next Door - Natalie Vivien, Bridget Essex

This is a co-written work between Bridget Essex and Natalie Vivien. I have read several of Essex's work and a couple of Vivien's. Both are very talented authors and I look forward to each new work of theirs. 


However this piece while engaging and very imaginative was not as good as I expected it to be. I'm a huge fan of vampire literature and other peoples take on different characteristics they may or may not have. Add in lesbians and you have me sold!


The world itself is set up like an alternative United States where it's only been a few years since vampires have come out of hiding. In this world, they even have a woman president who is also a vampire. Props. Throughout the story, it shows the discrimination vampires face, which is similar to what homosexuals and persons of color have faced throughout all over the world. Just a lot hate mongering from people who don't want to understand someone whose different from them. Which is a very interesting take and imaginative in my opinion. I even like the main character and her to be love interest. It's very sweet and romantic.


But the elephant in the room that I could not ignore was the fact that the main character Courtney; is still in a relationship. I will interject and say that she doesn't cheat on her girlfriend, but it's clear she's attracted to Lare. (her to be love interest) Throughout the story, you come to find out that her girlfriend, Mia isn't very good to Courtney. In fact, she's downright sleazy if you ask me. She looks at other women is clearly sleeping around on her girlfriend. The kicker? They have only been together for FIVE months. Mia has been doing all this to someone who she has only been going out with for a short period of time. Which is frustrating that Courtney continues to put up with her for nearly sixty percent of this book. All while feeling a deep pull towards Lare. I could see it being hard if it was like five years, and the other woman was good to her.


But there's really no real reason why they should still be together in any sense of the word. There are multiple examples of times where Courtney should have left Mia. But she doesn't. It makes zero sense to me and after a while it just got old. Especially when she keeps repeating that she needs to leave Mia but she keeps avoiding it. There was really just no need of this back and forth over a five-month relationship. It just really dimensioned the book as a whole; that wasn't even super long, to begin with. 


This could have been much better and I wish it had been because I do adore both authors works. That aside I will continue to look forward to their work, but this one just didn't quite resonate with me as well as I had hoped for it too.


The Red Pyramid - Rick Riordan

I was really excited for this series after finishing the first two of the author's works. Having thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Riordan's  Greeks and Roman renditions; I was left feeling disappointed with the first book in his Kane series. Which is a shame because I love Egyptian myths and the overall history surrounding Egypt. I guess I expected the same charm and air that the other two series had. But that is not what I got while reading this book. It was often difficult to connect with the main two characters Carter and Sadie. The latter of whom tended to get on my nerves more often than not. I didn't find her snark quirky and felt often her superior attitude over her brother to be annoying. While she does get better I don't feel it's enough for me to say that I like her all that much. Plus throughout reading this book I felt myself becoming distracted and I wanted to finish it as quickly as possible. I do intend to read the last two remaining books to see if the series improves. That and me and my wife bought the box set thinking we were really going to enjoy it. And so far as for myself I just haven't.

Back in the Game!

After a bit of a reading slump, I feel like I'm back on track once more. In the last couple weeks, I've nearly devoured an entire book series! I've not done that in a long while. My wife has been wanting me to read the Percy Jackson series for so long, so I finally caved. I was surprised how much I enjoyed them! They are fun reads and as a lover of mythology, it's fascinating to see how the author's take on the gods and goddesses. I just finished the fourth book today and started the last book. It's nice being able to have the series readily at hand, rather than having to wait for the next one to be released. That is a perk of having waited so long to read it! I also have checked out the next few books to the next series that the author worked on. Me and Makayla are going to read those together, which will be exciting because she hasn't read this particular series yet. Here's hoping I stay on this kick and I can work my way through the pile of books, that have been looking at me for quite some time now!!

I really enjoyed this!

Tributaries - Illise Montoya

I'm a big fan of fantasy works but especially ones that come from the author's own mind. I felt the author did a really good job with her world building, but I would love to know more as well! As far as the story goes I found it to be very interesting, and the characters were thoroughly entertaining. It was very enthralling and from start, to finish I kept wanting to know more and more. All the while anxiously waiting to see, what would unfold. I was also very pleased with the fact, that this story was a fantasy adventure which included queer characters. While I did wish there were more romantic interactions between the two, I totally get why there isn't either. There are more things going on presently within the story, that romance isn't the largest factor. The author makes this known, with the way she spins her tale. At the same time, she has these characters, that are obviously attracted and growing closer to one another.


But the story isn't consumed by it, it makes it normal rather than making a huge deal out of the two women experiencing feelings for one another. I want to read more stories like that, in the near future because it makes reading about queer women so much more refreshing. Lastly, I just have to say I hope a paperback comes out of this in future because I would really like to read this in book form. While it was wonderful to read on my tablet, something tells me it'll have even more charm in printed form.


Evonnia & the Maiden - Keira Michelle Telford

I'm not sure what Miss Tellford is doing lately but I'm not really enjoying these shorts of hers. The overall plots draw me in but when I begin reading them I'm left feeling like the attempt was very poor and the dynamic was executed poorly. This was supposed to be a steamy one-shot, but it was anything but that. The sexual dialogue and description were very childish and silly even. It was so outlandish it was like 'Oh come already!'. Some people might enjoy that angle, but I am not one of them.


The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - Jay Rubin, Haruki Murakami

I received this book as a Xmas present and started reading it in early January. For one reason or the other, I put it down, and only recently picked it back up again. Today I finally finished it! I must admit that this was a very strange read, perhaps even stranger for me than 'An Invitation to A Beheading' by Vladimir Nabokov. Needless to say, I found it very eccentric and to be honest this is my first time reading anything by Murakami. So I could just not be used to his writing style. But based on what I've read from this title, this is what I think. From the beginning, I was fascinated by what was happening, charmed even. Even if some of the events going on in the book were a bit odd, it was enduring. However, that eventually grew old and I found myself not being able to pay attention.


A lot of the book dragged on and on and was very long winded. I hated to say there were several parts that I active was saying 'Get to the point already!' Yet at other parts, I would find myself drawn in and there I was immersed once more. But the same feeling would return and I felt like this continued to be an endless cycle. I'll be the first to admit there were several times, that I didn't have a clue about what was going on. Whether it is mine lack of understanding of what the author was trying to bring forth, or whether it truly just filler, I don't know. But the overall book felt very manic pixie dream to me. But I can't dislike this title either because there were parts that I thoroughly enjoyed. Maybe someday I'll go back and re-read and change my stance, but for now, I'm not totally in love with this title.


It's been a bit since I have written anything so I figured an update was in order. So far I'm making good on that resolution I made earlier in the year. Although I'm reading more manga than print books. Which originally was not my intention, but I'm at least working through some of my reading pile. So at least that is something. I'm hoping, however, to work through a stack of my print books which are taking up just as much space. Seriously I have way too many to read x.x I find it a bit overwhelming and alarming, to be honest. Last month was a rough month for myself and my wife. First off my wife fell and hurt her knee, after going through a specialist we found the problem, but that was only recently. Then a few days later our papillon was attacked by a coyote and though we rushed her to the emergency vet we lost her. She was a big presence in our lives, and with it; she left the biggest wound I have felt in a long time. Today marks a month since she's been gone and even now I can hardly believe it. Being able to read at all is surprising, but I intend to shovel through and make my goal before or by the end of the year. That is if I am not too distracted by Persona 5, which only came out earlier in the week XD



Edited to include a picture of Lucy :)


All The Devils - Keira Michelle Telford This certainly was not one of her best works by any means. I had expected a little bit more out of this considering that it was to be dealing with Jack the Ripper. I had in mind that it was likely going to go a different way entirely. It fell short however and while it is deemed as erotica, to be honest, it was very dull.

New Years Resolution

I'm determined to go through the pile of books and my stack of graphic novels that I have accumulated over the past couple years. Don't even get me started on the amount of ebooks I have to read as well. It has since grown thanks to the holidays ^^'' but I am determined to prevail! This year my New Years Resolution will be to work through my stack and finish my goal of 100 books. There are several books that I have started reading and just set aside without picking them back up again. This year is going to be the year that I nip that in the bud and finish what I started. And if I have to drop a book, so be it, but I shall at least attempt to read what has been set aside.

Ugh I Am So Behind

I intended to be much further with my book challenge than I am. I'm super behind. Thanks life! A lot of personal events came up and kind of got in the way of my reading. Rather putting me off from being able to focus enough to read. So now I'm barely halfway done with the challenge. But it's unlikely I'm going to reach one hundred books this year. This blows :/


The Book of Life - Deborah Harkness

Oh no I'm finally on the last book! Honestly I wanted to hold off from reading this, but it kept calling to me on the shelf. So here I am giving into my desire to read it. I'm both looking forward to it and dreading the end at the same time. This is one series I didn't expect to take interest in but by book one I was sold.

Forever and a Knight - Bridget Essex

I absolutely adored the first book in the series (A Knight To Remember). So when this book came about, I couldn't wait to read it! Needless to say I was not at all disappointed with the second installment. I loved how different this couple was from the first, which to me showed how well the author is at creating an array of characters. Whereas the first book had the love interest coming into the world, in this book it's reversed with the protagonist entering. Being able to see more of this world, the author has created was a pure delight. It left me wanting to know more and eager to read the other installments in the series thus far. If you like women in armor, time travel, and a good love story give this book a go. You won't regret it!


Snooze Fest

Inheritance - Malinda Lo

*Not a proper review mainly just a bunch of ramblings and how I feel about this book*


Normally I am in love with Malinda Lo's work! I have all her printed works on my shelf currently. I even really liked the first book, that this is a sequel to. However this one was a flop for me and I am honestly saddened by this. I don't like feeling relief when I finish a book, that I had to drag myself to finish. Least of all by someone whom I consider one of my favorite authors. It focused way too much on the romance, rather than what was going on around them. While it did have plot, it just felt lost at times in the dilemma the main character, (Reese Holloway) was having. Moving on from her last relationship into a new one, which leads to the usual conflicting, lingering feelings for the person before her current boyfriend. It just got to be exhausting, and with a character like Reese it was even more so. I don't really like characters, who avoid a confrontation to the point of it being ridiculous. It usually just causes unnecessary conflict, that doesn't even add to the story. I got bored and frustrated with this throughout the book. Then out of nowhere, Lo decides to introduce the idea of polyamory. Which I have no problem with so long, as all parties are cool with it.


But for the overall tone of the book, and who the character is it just didn't seem to click right. At first Reese said she wasn't into it, but is encouraged into going through with it after some initial pressure from her ex girlfriend. Which already the pushy behavior from the ex in the first book, kind of turned me off.  In the end she decides to go for it because she just can't choose between Amber (the ex girlfriend) and David (the  boyfriend). I just felt it was a cop out overall in general, and not even a good representation of bisexual fiction. Which is sad because there is not enough books out there with decent bisexual relationships. Most are filled with stereotypes or there is downright aversion to it at all. Is this book the worse out there, in what little representations bisexuals already have? No of course not. But I don't think it was well formed either, by the end of the book I didn't want any of them to be together. That says a lot about someone who likes her happy endings. 

Reading progress update: I've read 41 out of 400 pages.

Reawakened (The Reawakened Series) - Colleen Houck

I'm not sure if I'm going to finish this. Already it has a lot of elements in young adult romance, that I don't like. Aka fast moving attraction. The day when someone realizes, it's not needed to woo the audience, will be the day that young adult fiction improves. Plus the main character so far isn't coming off as appealing to me. I'm all for independent women, who go after what they want. But it feels more like she's trying to be that way, because she knows her parents expect her to be. Which happens more often than not, but she doesn't have anything to really define herself outside of the fact that she's the dutiful daughter, who has all this money at her expense. The beginning held promise, but the moment it switched over to Lilliana it diminished. I've been having to really push myself to pick the book up. Which is never a good sign. I'll give it another twenty more pages, but if it doesn't improve I'm done.


Affinity - Sarah Waters

I wanted to like this book, I really did. Out of all the author's works, this is the one I was truly excited to read. But I found it to be very lackluster and boring. Perhaps it didn't hold my focus enough, but I failed to see where most of the story connected. It's a shame when I have to be happy that I finished a book. 

Book series I need to complete

When it comes to starting new series without finishing ones I'm already reading, I'm guilty as charged. A serial offender right here! This is my attempt to keep up with all the series I need to finish, and hopefully I'll make my way through them bit by bit. I'm only going to list books, because I'm not even going to attempt to list the graphic novel series I need to finish. That is what I have myanimelist for! I'm also going to only include series that I've been on forever, and gradually add to the list as I go. 


The Body Finder series by Kimberly Derting (Books till complete: 2)


Rot & Ruin series by Jonathan Maberry (Books till complete: 2)


The Nevermore series by Kelly Creagh (Books till complete: 1)


The Lynburn Legacy by Sarah Rees Brennan (Books till complete: 1)


Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber (Books till complete 1)


Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (Books till complete 2)


*Stopping here for now, more will be added later.)

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