I really enjoyed this!

Tributaries - Illise Montoya

I'm a big fan of fantasy works but especially ones that come from the author's own mind. I felt the author did a really good job with her world building, but I would love to know more as well! As far as the story goes I found it to be very interesting, and the characters were thoroughly entertaining. It was very enthralling and from start, to finish I kept wanting to know more and more. All the while anxiously waiting to see, what would unfold. I was also very pleased with the fact, that this story was a fantasy adventure which included queer characters. While I did wish there were more romantic interactions between the two, I totally get why there isn't either. There are more things going on presently within the story, that romance isn't the largest factor. The author makes this known, with the way she spins her tale. At the same time, she has these characters, that are obviously attracted and growing closer to one another.


But the story isn't consumed by it, it makes it normal rather than making a huge deal out of the two women experiencing feelings for one another. I want to read more stories like that, in the near future because it makes reading about queer women so much more refreshing. Lastly, I just have to say I hope a paperback comes out of this in future because I would really like to read this in book form. While it was wonderful to read on my tablet, something tells me it'll have even more charm in printed form.