Cleaning Up My Currently Reading List

I recently picked up on reading again and decided to clean up my currently reading list on here. There have been several titles, that have been set aside in favor of other books that I've been in the mood for. Some of which that I haven't picked up in a good two to three years. I decided to take them off my currently reading list and put them on hold for now. I intend to finish them but for now, it makes more sense to put them off to the side. 


My goal is to gradually tackle my pile of shame, which to be honest is super high right now. My graphic novel pile is even worse! I'm definitely the type of person, who even though I have a large pile to finish I continue to buy more. I just ordered two more books off of Amazon last night, *nervous laughter ensues* I don't have a problem, you have a problem! XD


Anywho the goal is to tackle my older pile of books that need to be read. Everything else can come after.