It's been a bit since I have written anything so I figured an update was in order. So far I'm making good on that resolution I made earlier in the year. Although I'm reading more manga than print books. Which originally was not my intention, but I'm at least working through some of my reading pile. So at least that is something. I'm hoping, however, to work through a stack of my print books which are taking up just as much space. Seriously I have way too many to read x.x I find it a bit overwhelming and alarming, to be honest. Last month was a rough month for myself and my wife. First off my wife fell and hurt her knee, after going through a specialist we found the problem, but that was only recently. Then a few days later our papillon was attacked by a coyote and though we rushed her to the emergency vet we lost her. She was a big presence in our lives, and with it; she left the biggest wound I have felt in a long time. Today marks a month since she's been gone and even now I can hardly believe it. Being able to read at all is surprising, but I intend to shovel through and make my goal before or by the end of the year. That is if I am not too distracted by Persona 5, which only came out earlier in the week XD



Edited to include a picture of Lucy :)