Snooze Fest

Inheritance - Malinda Lo

*Not a proper review mainly just a bunch of ramblings and how I feel about this book*


Normally I am in love with Malinda Lo's work! I have all her printed works on my shelf currently. I even really liked the first book, that this is a sequel to. However this one was a flop for me and I am honestly saddened by this. I don't like feeling relief when I finish a book, that I had to drag myself to finish. Least of all by someone whom I consider one of my favorite authors. It focused way too much on the romance, rather than what was going on around them. While it did have plot, it just felt lost at times in the dilemma the main character, (Reese Holloway) was having. Moving on from her last relationship into a new one, which leads to the usual conflicting, lingering feelings for the person before her current boyfriend. It just got to be exhausting, and with a character like Reese it was even more so. I don't really like characters, who avoid a confrontation to the point of it being ridiculous. It usually just causes unnecessary conflict, that doesn't even add to the story. I got bored and frustrated with this throughout the book. Then out of nowhere, Lo decides to introduce the idea of polyamory. Which I have no problem with so long, as all parties are cool with it.


But for the overall tone of the book, and who the character is it just didn't seem to click right. At first Reese said she wasn't into it, but is encouraged into going through with it after some initial pressure from her ex girlfriend. Which already the pushy behavior from the ex in the first book, kind of turned me off.  In the end she decides to go for it because she just can't choose between Amber (the ex girlfriend) and David (the  boyfriend). I just felt it was a cop out overall in general, and not even a good representation of bisexual fiction. Which is sad because there is not enough books out there with decent bisexual relationships. Most are filled with stereotypes or there is downright aversion to it at all. Is this book the worse out there, in what little representations bisexuals already have? No of course not. But I don't think it was well formed either, by the end of the book I didn't want any of them to be together. That says a lot about someone who likes her happy endings.