Reading progress update: I've read 41 out of 400 pages.

Reawakened (The Reawakened Series) - Colleen Houck

I'm not sure if I'm going to finish this. Already it has a lot of elements in young adult romance, that I don't like. Aka fast moving attraction. The day when someone realizes, it's not needed to woo the audience, will be the day that young adult fiction improves. Plus the main character so far isn't coming off as appealing to me. I'm all for independent women, who go after what they want. But it feels more like she's trying to be that way, because she knows her parents expect her to be. Which happens more often than not, but she doesn't have anything to really define herself outside of the fact that she's the dutiful daughter, who has all this money at her expense. The beginning held promise, but the moment it switched over to Lilliana it diminished. I've been having to really push myself to pick the book up. Which is never a good sign. I'll give it another twenty more pages, but if it doesn't improve I'm done.